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Creapulka Knitwear

Unique hand knitted fashion shop which uses luxurious natural yarns.

Hand knitted sweaters are for many years in the fashion world popular because their originality and uniqueness. It is already many years since Creapulka designs and manufactures for you knitwear using luxury and natural yarns. We combine the beauty and popularity of hand knitted fashion with luxury yarns.

Would you like to feel a fine and breathable pullover on your skin? Would you like to enjoy a fluffy mohair sweater? Would you like thicker knits, such as a chunky knit sweater with large turtleneck to snuggle in? Would you like to highlight the beauty of your female lines by a elegant angora dress to? Do you prefer knitting ponchos, the mysterious envelop your body and swing elegant while wearing it?

Creapulka designs and manufactures handmade fluffy mohair sweaters, thick wool turtleneck sweaters, elegant angora dresses, luxury alpaca sweaters, wool ponchos and accessories.

Creapulka is popular in many countries around the world

Our knitwear is well known in many countries, not only because their unique design, but also for the quality and durability of their products. Knitted sweaters and other knitwear makes to Creapulka popular among men and women. They are often purchased as a beautiful gift for loved ones, friends or business partners. Creapulka products are ideal for a nice presents.

Creapulka knitwear according to your requirements

You like our items, but you need a different size, color or yarn? Creapulka knits also according to customer requirements. You can select your favorite items in our online catalogue and fill the contact form. Your will wear an unique product according to your preferences in color, material and size.

Creapulka makes your knitwear from high quality yarns

Creapulka is always contacting providers which offer yarns of the highest quality; mainly Mohair, Angora, Merino and Alpaca, because they are distinguished by their high durability and also they are very comfortable to wear.


Mohair comes from the Angora goat and probably originates in Tibet. The long, curly hair consistence mainly of keratin. Mohair has a silky sheen, it is durable and elastic. Clothes made of Mohair is stain resistant, wrinkle and not matted. It has thermo regulating properties and wicks away moisture.


The Merino sheep are mainly from Australia and South Africa. It can endure through the dense fur temperatures up to minus 20 degrees. Since several times crimped fibers contain a large amount of air, they insulate well against heat and cold. Merino wool is soft and elastic. It can absorb moisture without feeling damp.


Angora is obtained by gently combing the fur of the Angora rabbit. The small amount of hair which emits an angora rabbits per year, makes pure Angora so expensive. We use Angora yarns only by controlled manufacturers who respect animal welfare. Angora wool can absorb moisture from the body and slowly release to the outside. It is very fine, light and very soft. Become garments with a high proportion of Angora worn directly on the skin, the fine Angora fiber stand up while wearing due the body heat. Because of their tendency to electrostatic charging, no clothing from chemical fibers should be worn in combination with angora.


Alpacas live in the South American Andes at altitudes over 4000 meters above the sea level, especially in Peru. Due to the local climate conditions, the animals are adapted to the big temperature fluctuations. At low temperatures the body heat keep inside of the hollow fiber, at high temperature the body heat derive. Therefore the garments with a high proportion of alpaca yarn are known for their high comfort. Alpaca yarn is light, silky shiny and feels soft. It contains no lanolin, making it hypoallergenic.

How to care

Hand wash in plenty of hand warm water with mild shampoo or wool detergent. Short wash with gentle movements, rinse with plenty of water of the same temperature. Squeeze out the excess water carefully, not wringing, do not spin. Lay the garment on a large towel. Dry in the fresh air, avoid direct sunlight. Don't put into the tumbler. Occasionally, slightly brush-up. Do not store compressed and do not put on hangers. Since natural yarns are stain-resistant and hardly assume odors, usually airing of the garments is sufficiently. Yarn from natural hair shed more or less, its a natural property and not possible to avoid it.


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